The Food Trade Game

The Food Trade Game is a fun and exciting way to experience the realities of our global food market through role playing and simulation.  Participants are assigned to different actors in the industry such as large farmers, seed companies, or world demand. Through rounds of trading and economic transactions, each player tries to meet their objectives within the larger context of the market.  This creates moments of frustration, excitement, and quick thinking on your feet---all opportunities for learning about how most of our food is grown and distributed in our globalized world.

The purpose of the game is to simulate specific markets, countries, and trade schemes to educate participants. The game can be cultivated to exhibit whichever agricultural market you like. Look to the right for examples and below for testimonials.

"Fun game! Definitely recommended for teachers, parents, camp!"

--Elena Jusenlijska Co-Founder of Better Current

"I have a much better understanding of whats at stake for small farmers and businesses associated with them"--Anonymous player

Country                Crop                   Trade Scheme


Colombia               Rice                     Free Trade


USA                        Corn                    Free Trade


Canada                  Canola                 Free Trade


Mexico                  Coffee                  Fair Trade