Randall Coleman

My name is Randall Coleman and I'm the Creator and Facilitator of The Food Trade Game. The idea for the FTG came to me after working in Colombia doing community development work around urban agriculture. After learning of the many issues with food sovereignty Colombians were facing around the country, I decided to figure out a way to get this information out, in a fun and engaging way. Everyone that plays the game learns something new and has fun doing it. If you want to experience our global food system without quitting your day job, then the Food Trade Game is for you.

About Us

Terri Rutty

My name is Terri Rutty and I am a facilitator of the Food Trade Game as well as Randy’s partner. With a background in food security and diversity and inclusion, I am passionate about affecting social change through food and community engagement.  As the Director of Environmental Sustainability at the YMCA of Greater Toronto I led the development of a 10-acre organic farm that is used to educate and feed hungry campers. I have led and participated in sustainable development projects all over the world including Toronto, Vancouver, México, Hawaii, and Medellín, Colombia. Besides leading hands-on community development projects I sit on various boards of environmental organizations throughout Canada. On weekends, you can catch me at the farmer’s market, in the garden, or working on a DIY project.